Mark Draper ServicesMark Draper AC offers Free Estimates on Equipment Replacement.
We also offer annual maintenance (precision tune-up) and maintenance agreements.

While performing a precision tune up, we clean the outdoor coil with a chemical and clean out the condensate drain line and pan.

We check all motor amperages and compare them with the manufacturers specs on the unit to ensure they are running properly.

We also check the refrigerant charge to make sure it is within manufacturers specs. If the system has heat strips we make sure they are not on during the cooling cycle. We visually inspect the indoor coil and blower wheel for dirt. If either needs to be cleaned we will give the customer a quote to do it. We also check all electrical connections and tighten where necessary. We also inspect the contactor for wear. Any repairs needed that are not included in the price of the tune up will be quoted to the customer before the work is done. No extra work is done without approval from the customer.

Maintenance Agreement
Our maintenance agreement includes 2 precision tune ups per year, plus a discount on repairs needed during the life of the agreement.
Maintenance agreement customers do not pay after-hours pricing for the service call (diagnostic charge) or repairs.
Our maintenance agreements are 1 year agreements that are fully transferable should the customer sell
the home.

Services We Offer:
  • We repair existing systems as needed including duct work.
  • We also replace existing systems. Check our Kool Ca$h Deals for Special Offers.
  • We install complete systems in homes and businesses that have never had central air conditioning.
  • We work on most makes and models of central a/c systems including mobile home package units, split systems, ductless minisplits and hotel style wall units.
  • We work on heat pumps, gas and electric furnaces, straight cool units and pool heaters.
  • We also offer Emergency Service!
  • See Our Payment Options HERE.

We're Sorry, we don't work on boilers, oil heat, nor a/c window units.

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